Connect to WPA2 enterprise wifi on N2 Box

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nmcli connection edit type 802-11-wireless
nmcli> goto 802-11-wireless
nmcli 802-11-wireless> set ssid <your_ssid>
nmcli 802-11-wireless> back
nmcli> goto 802-11-wireless-security
nmcli 802-11-wireless-security> set key-mgmt wpa-eap
nmcli 802-11-wireless-security> set auth-alg open
nmcli 802-11-wireless-security> back
nmcli> goto 802-1x
nmcli 802-1x> set eap peap
nmcli 802-1x> set identity <your_identity>
nmcli 802-1x> set password <your_password>
nmcli 802-1x> set phase2-auth mschapv2
nmcli 802-1x> back
nmcli> verify
nmcli> save
Saving the connection with 'autoconnect=yes'. That might result in an immediate activation of the connection.
Do you still want to save? (yes/no) [yes] yes
Connection 'wifi' (20e7bab0-6780-45a7-b650-eafb28e7912a) successfully saved.

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