Setting up 802.1x auth using command line in Ubuntu

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My company’s network has 802.1x auth. So I need to auth my network.Today we using the nmcli tool to set up network.

which nmcli
nmcli con edit eth0
nmcli> set ipv4.method auto
nmcli> set 802-1x.eap peap
nmcli> set 802-1x.identity USERNAME
nmcli> set 802-1x.phase2-auth mschapv2
nmcli> save
nmcli> quit
Now the system had created a new config file. The path is /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0

Then we edit it 
sudo vim /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0


Save the file and close it. Restart NetworkManager to pick up the changes

systemctl restart NetworkManager  
nmcli con down eth0
nmcli con up eth0

Thanks for writing this blog. golink[]

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